Drilling Contractor: VisiTrak services may eliminate need for pilot wells in wellbore placement

As operators continue to target increasingly complex geological formations in deepwater reservoirs, accurate and efficient horizontal wellbore placement has become essential to productivity. Conventional methods for mapping out wellbore placement involve drilling pilot wells, which can cost millions of dollars to drill. Baker Hughes aims to remove the need for such pilot wells, while also improving recovery, with the VisiTrak Geospatial Navigation and Analysis Service, commercially launched in July 2015. “This represents the combination of two decades developing reservoir navigation,” said Jon Skillings, Product Line Manager, Reservoir Navigation Services, Baker Hughes. The service is able to map out a full geological interpretation around the wellbore in real time with the help of shallow, deep and extra deep reading sensors that are attached to the rotary steerable-equipped BHA. The sensors are equipped with both omnidirectional – observing 360˚ around the BHA – and extra deep reading azimuthal…

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