Offshore: New Coiled Tubing System Offers Real-time Monitoring Capability

As with all downhole operations, those conducted on coiled tubing become more efficient and provide more value as downhole uncertainties are reduced or eliminated. To this end, a recently-developed 21⁄8-in. intelligent coiled tubing (ICT) system combines real-time downhole data monitoring with the capability to simultaneously provide downhole power, significantly improving operational efficiency and accelerating well recovery in all types of coiled tubing (CT) operations. The Baker Hughes TeleCoil system provides accurate, real-time downhole monitoring of high-resolution depth correlation, differential pressure, and temperature data to allow CT field crews to react quickly to changing conditions, make decisions based on dynamic downhole events, and eliminate missed or wasted runs. It has been used to reduce operational time and cost in varied applications around the world, including two offshore projects highlighted in this article. Click the link below to read more.

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