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As a former athlete and boxer, Rustom Mody knows all about doing what it takes. He preaches the importance of discipline, dedication, hard work and having a passion for what you do. “Do your best, and never give up your vision,” Mody advises. As V.P. and chief engineer, Enterprise Technology, at Baker Hughes, Inc., Mody oversees product research and development, in addition to heading industry and university collaboration for the company. Yet, he prides himself on his role as a mentor most of all. “Mentoring young engineers is a big part of my role,” he said. “I tell them to never stop learning and always embrace a challenge. We should constantly be seeking and sharing knowledge. That’s how innovation happens.” Mody credits his father with the cultivation of these core values while growing up in Mumbai, India. Not only did these principles make him stand out as a boxer, they allowed him to excel academically, as well. He graduated from high school, and moved on to college courses at 16 years old. Then, at…

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