Hart’s E&P: Boosting ESP Runtime Through Effective Scale Treatments

The operator of a large field in Argentina’s Neuquén Basin successfully deployed Baker Hughes’ electric submersible pumping (ESP) systems to boost production from more than 350 of its mature wells. Nearly 90% of these systems were monitored on a continuous basis through a series of downhole sensors designed to track operating parameters that included motor temperatures and the ESP intake pressure. The ESP systems ran efficiently through mid-2012, with an average uninterrupted runtime of 1,800 days per well. The service company’s field engineers continuously monitored the downhole sensors and soon began observing well temperatures around the ESP rising to near 127 C (260 F). At this temperature, the ESP motors began to overheat and fail in less than one year from their installation. Operating costs were rising and production rates were dropping from a growing number of wells exhibiting this temperature increase in the ESP systems. Click the link below to read the full article.

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