April 26, 2016

JPT: Technology Applications, OptiStriker Straddle-Packer System

Baker Hughes introduced its OptiStriker straddle-packer system, which enables aggressive, targeted restimulation of individual perforation clusters in existing wells to boost production efficiently and effectively. The system features a large inner diameter and two rugged and resettable coiled-tubing packers, offering a pump rate of 20 bbl/min and a differential-pressure rating of 10,000 psi to enable high-rate, high-volume treatments that optimize well restimulations and maximize production. During casedhole operations, the two

JPT: Improving People’s Lives, Sustainability and the Role of Petroleum Engineers

Some think oil and gas have little role in a sustainable future; global realities suggest otherwise. How is it that a finite energy resource and a source of greenhouse gas emissions can be part of a sustainable future? Oil and gas are essential to meeting the “needs of today;” their prudent use is the safest way to ensure we do not compromise the “ability of future generations to meet their

2015 CIG Quarterly Report

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Danilo Juvane

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