JPT: Technology Applications, OptiStriker Straddle-Packer System

Baker Hughes introduced its OptiStriker straddle-packer system, which enables aggressive, targeted restimulation of individual perforation clusters in existing wells to boost production efficiently and effectively. The system features a large inner diameter and two rugged and resettable coiled-tubing packers, offering a pump rate of 20 bbl/min and a differential-pressure rating of 10,000 psi to enable high-rate, high-volume treatments that optimize well restimulations and maximize production. During casedhole operations, the two packers work in unison to straddle and isolate individual clusters within the wellbore. This ensures that fluids are directed to areas that may have been untreated or undertreated during the initial stimulation. After the packers are set in the wellbore, a controlled volume of fluid and proppant can be pumped through the coiled tubing or workover tubulars and delivered to the desired areas. This targeted-stimulation technique uses only the amount of fluid and horsepower needed to…

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