JPT: Technology Applications, Removable Packer

Removable production packers can eliminate nonproductive time, costs, and risks during well-intervention operations, but can become permanently set when exposed to high pressures and temperatures. The Baker Hughes BASTILLE highpressure/ high-temperature (HP/HT) removable production packer creates a reliable seal between the casing and tubing while the well is flowing, and just as reliably disengages when well intervention is needed (Fig. 6). The BASTILLE chassis has been engineered specifically to separate from the casing wall when released, even after prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) and differential pressures as high as 17,500 psi (1207 bar), an industry first at these ratings. When intervention is needed, a mechanical pipe cutter severs the inner mandrel below the bottom slips, but leaves the outer packer wall intact. When the production tubing is pulled uphole, the inner mandrel follows. This action releases the bottom slips and relaxes the elastomer. As pulling continues,…

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