Hart’s E&P: Revitalizing Mature Assets: Profiting From Advisory Relationships

“The best place to find oil is where it has been found already” has never been truer than it is today. More than 70% of global oil and gas production comes from fields that are more than 30 years old. Mature fields are essential to helping operators meet their objectives during low-price environments such as the one we are now experiencing. In depressed markets, operators increasingly turn their attention to high-value return on existing assets that meet the price threshold. Mature fields are predictable in terms of both production and revenue. Infrastructure is in place. The reserves are booked; they just need to be produced and converted to cash. However, operational, technical and economic challenges also are magnified in mature fields. Contrary to the notion that the life of a producing asset ends when production runs out, the reality is that the life of the asset ends when profit runs out. The role of service providers in helping to optimize production—and thus, the revenue stream—while lowering…

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