JPT: Technology Application, Trouble-Zone Drilling Solution

Operators are looking to extend the profitable life of their fields, which often requires drilling through problematic environments, or trouble zones. To enable safe, efficient, and economical drilling through these zones, Baker Hughes introduced the DrillThru solution, which offers a proven, comprehensive work flow to overcome the challenges associated with trouble zones. The workflow process starts with gathering and contextualizing reservoir and field data so that all potential threats are identified and interpreted through geomechanical models (Fig. 5). The service company then designs a customized well path and a detailed plan to construct the well through any potential trouble zones. Each solution prescribes the most-appropriate remedies for addressing identified trouble zones. In one recent application, the company designed and implemented a solution in the North Sea for an operator that needed to accommodate an unstable shale formation protruding into the pay zone. The service company developed a…

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