Offshore: Real-time, flow-off pressure data service improves drilling efficiency, safety

Drilling safely and efficiently from one section of an offshore well to the next depends on establishing accurate and clearly quantifiable pressure limits related to formation and cement integrity around the casing shoe. This is especially true in deepwater environments where young, fragile formations exhibit low fracture-gradient to pore-pressure-gradient differentials. Typically, a formation integrity test (FIT) or leak-off test (LOT) is executed immediately after drilling out the casing shoe to establish pressure limits by verifying that the formation and cement around the casing shoe are capable of withstanding the planned hydraulic pressure exerted by the mud column in the section to be drilled. A new, real-time measurement-while-drilling (MWD) service provides a faster, more accurate means of establishing FIT/LOT values using downhole flow-off annular pressure data to establish and work within these crucial maximum allowable pressure limits. The AccuFIT real-time flow-off pressure data service…

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