Hart's E&P: Appalachian Basin Shows Upward Trends In Well Characteristics

Overall completions in Appalachia have been down due to the strategic growth of drilled but uncompleted inventories. Companies have stated that this maneuver was in response to the high volatility of gas prices throughout 2015 and infrastructure downtimes, which have resulted in bottlenecking throughout the region. However, these bottlenecking issues are beginning to be mitigated due to infrastructure coming back online and the market rebalancing. Within both the Marcellus and Utica operators have been mirroring completion techniques where two key trends have appeared over the course of the downcycle: a continued increase in the average proppant mass per well and a falling completion count. The Marcellus has experienced an increase in average proppant mass of about 25% from January 2014 to January 2016 to average about 10 million pounds per well. During this time the number of completions in the Marcellus has decreased substantially to fewer than 100 wells on average being completed per month in 2016….

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