Hart's E&P: Drillbits improve economics in vertical, curve drilling applications

Baker Hughes has released its line of Kymera XTreme (XT) hybrid drillbits, a press release stated. The bits—which combine the strengths of polycrystalline diamond compact and tricone bit technology—offer the smooth, consistent performance of previous generations of hybrid bits while improving penetration rates and runlife. Kymera XT drillbits are available in a variety of designs, each capable of addressing specific challenges in numerous applications, formation types and hole sizes. The Kymera XT bits drill much faster than previous generation hybrid bits and offer a dynamic balanced design that reduces torque fluctuations to minimize damage to the bit and deliver efficient, effective performance in both vertical and curve sections. They also offer greater steerability and control in difficult environments, including carbonates and interbedded formations. The Kymera XT bits’ sharper, more durable cutting structures incorporate enhanced shapes and carbide grades for improved aggressiveness and accelerated…

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