JPT: Hybrid Drill Bit

Baker Hughes introduced its line of Kymera XTreme hybrid drill bits, designed to help oil and gas operators lower their well construction costs through faster and more-durable drilling performance. The bits—which combine the strengths of polycrystalline-­diamond-compact and tricone-bit technology—offer the consistent performance of previous generations of hybrid bits while improving penetration rates and run life (Fig. 5). The drill bits are available in a variety of designs, each capable of addressing specific challenges in numerous applications, formation types, and hole sizes. The cutting structures incorporate enhanced shapes and carbide grades. The designs provide added tool-face control, enabling the drilling of longer distances at higher buildup rates than previously possible, while maintaining a high-­quality borehole throughout extended runs. Blade and roller-cone designs can be optimized based on the operator’s application to deliver a variety of benefits that include long section-to-section runs…

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