Hart's E&P: Optimizing Production, Economics In Mature Fields

To generate cash flow in low-price markets, operators have historically turned to the resource they can count on most—fields that have proved they can produce. But optimizing production from mature fields presents its own set of challenges that have the potential to offset the benefits of improved production with higher capital expense. Increasing production while lowering lifting costs and total cost of ownership requires not only reversing declining production rates but also doing so with the highest levels of efficiency. A series of new chemicals for near-wellbore damage (CND) from Baker Hughes has demonstrated the ability to remediate wellbore and near-wellbore damage from multiple mechanisms in a single time-saving treatment and to restore shut-in wells to productive life. The CND remediation treatments are made from custom-formulated microemulsions that remove existing damage and leave the formation surfaces waterwet for easier and faster production. The chemicals can be used in mature fields, gas…

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