Hart's E&P: Small Package, Big Results

Casing sizes have shrunk as unconventional wells have gone deeper. These smaller diameter wells, or those with restricted space due to casing patches or complex completion designs, can be especially perplexing when the time comes to artificially lift them. Pumps need space, and that space decreases the closer the pump gets to the reservoir. With the release of its CENtrilift PASS slimline electric submersible pump (ESP) system, Baker Hughes added a new solution for operators looking to lower their lifting costs in these perplexing wells while optimizing production to increase reserve recovery. It is the industry’s only small-diameter ESP system capable of operating at flow rates down to 50 bbl/d, according to a company press release. At 3.38 in., the slimline ESP system is smaller in diameter than a standard hamburger bun but larger than a baseball. Closer in diameter to a croquet ball, the system is capable of operating at flow rates as low as 50 bbl/d and as high as 2,500 bbl/d through its use of the…

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