Hart's E&P: Smart drillpipe technologies for the driller’s toolbox

Wired drillpipe (WDP) technology was implemented on a multiple-well project located offshore the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The operator’s main objective was to drill each well as cost-effectively as possible while making sure that the wellbore placement was optimum. Achieving this goal required the use of specific LWD equipment together with the WDP Network. This high-speed data network enables instantaneous transmission of all downhole data and saves valuable rig time. Full real-time understanding of the downhole drilling environment as well as the formations drilled enables quick actions for mitigating drilling dysfunctions and equivalent circulating density management as well as optimal well placement. The planned extended-reach wells had a very tight pressure window. Landing and geosteering the reservoir sections required the latest LWD technologies on WDP to achieve the goals of the project. Complex drilling application The drilling targets consisted of an oil reservoir and several deeper…

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