Upstream Technology: The brains behind the bit

A new adaptive PDC drillbit from Baker Hughes can adjust the depth of cut without intervention from the surface. The technology introduces a moving element to the standard PDC drillbit. The TerrAdapt PDC bit responds to reservoir and drilling conditions in real time to mitigate stick-slip issues downhole and resist sudden changes in loading. Danielle Fuselier, product line manager for diamond bits, says the service company put “intelligence into the bit to enhance drilling efficiency”. Stick-slip is a torsional drilling dysfunction that can cause the drill string and the bit to accelerate and decelerate quickly. In severe cases, the drillbit can get stuck while the string continues to twist and wrap, leading to a violent release of energy that can damage the bit and drill string tools. However, stick-slip situations are not easy to prove unless in-bit sensing or measuring while drilling (MWD) technology is used during drilling. Click the link below to read the full article.

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