World Oil: Holistic optimization approach

To acquire a high-quality core in as few runs as possible, and reduce operational costs, a provider must maximize ROP while ensuring efficient, safe surface handling of the rock sample and coring assembly. To satisfy these requirements, HT30 Max, a full-gauge core barrel system with jam mitigation technology, has been introduced. MOHAMED FAROUK, GEORGE ARNOLD and RAUL VILLEGAS, Baker Hughes To improve initial production and ultimate recovery, we must first fully understand the reservoir rock. Full-gauge coring is the first line-of-sight into a reservoir. The actual formation samples recovered at the surface are the “groundtruth” that provides the basis for accurate reservoir evaluation and modeling. Cores are almost always acquired—and in many countries are required—for exploratory wells. They also are taken in development wells, even in well-known areas, to help operators better understand or confirm that the reservoir rock in one well exhibits the same characteristics as in previous wells. The larger the…

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