Episode 51 – Markham on Energy: Electric Vehicles and the Future of Oil

On today’s episode, Markham Hislop visits The Global Energy Leaders Podcast again as we discuss recent changes that have him taking a second look at his projection on Electric Vehicles and the future of Oil.


Veteran energy journalist, reporting and writing about the energy industry in Canada and the United States. Markham’s niche in energy journalism is the Energy Transition – the 50-75 year transition from fossil fuels to clean energy technology that started 5-10 years ago (depending on where you place the goal posts). He’s done a lot of work on electric vehicle adoption and has a contrarian view to that commonly found in the energy press. He has also done a lot of work on Canadian and Alberta climate and energy policy, as well as Permian Basin news, American pipeline protests, new technologies, oil and gas politics, etc.





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