Elk Lake High School one of “America’s Best High Schools for 2017”

Elk Lake High School recently received recognition as one of “America’s Best High Schools for 2017” by U.S. News & World Report. A full report on Elk Lake High School by U.S. News & World Report can be found here. To commemorate the incredible achievement I authored a Letter to the Editor (LTE) on behalf of Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation distinguishing the Elk Lake School district, including the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center, and its administration. The LTE was submitted to and ran by regional papers over the last few days. Here is a copy of the LTE:

Congratulations to Elk Lake High School for being recognized as one of “America’s Best High Schools for 2017” by U.S. News & World Report. Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation proudly partners with the Elk Lake Jr. Sr. School and, this past year, the Elk Lake Elementary School, to bring energy education and career readiness programs like the Mobile Energy Learning Unit and Junior Achievement’s Economics for Success to these outstanding institutions. Over the last few years, Cabot has also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into scholarships at the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center, which also resides on the Elk Lake School districts footprint. These financial awards have made tremendous impacts on the lives of hundreds of students. We applaud the outstanding work of Superintendent Ken Cuomo, High School Principal Brian Mallery, Elementary Principal Marc Weisgold, and SCCTC Executive Director Dr. Alice Davis and look forward to many more years of educational partnership!

Bill desRosiers
External Affairs Coordinator
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation


In the LTE I highlighted a few of the many partnerships Cabot has enjoyed over the last ten years with the Elk Lake High School. Given the word count restrictions on LTE’s, I could not go into great detail about these partnerships, until now. Below is a comprehensive listing of Cabot’s many partnerships with the Elk Lake School District:

Video Tuesday: SCCTC Involvement (6/5/12)

Students Explore Job Opportunities at Energy Career Day (10/18/12)

Careers in Energy Day 2013 (2/25/13)

Partnering With the Community Foundation for Education (9/19/13)

SCCTC Students Start Their Year with the Challenge Program, Inc. (11/5/14)

Elk Lake School District Makes the Switch to Natural Gas (2/25/15)

Throwback: Supporting Energy Education for 60 Years (2/26/15)

Developing & Enhancing Successful Partnerships in Rural Pennsylvania (3/16/15)

The Oil & Gas Industry Promotes Education, Workforce Development (6/29/15)

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation Celebrates Five Years of the Challenge Program, Inc. Partnership (10/19/15)

A Conversation about Career & Technical Education Month (2/22/16)

Susquehanna County CTC Pilots Dual Credit Program (2/15/17)

Power to Save: Energy Mobile Learning Unit (MOLU) (3/28/17)

Well Said Cabot

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