Jim Bridgeforth Hope Towards Detriment and Tips for the Future

Jim Bridgeforth Provides Hurricane Tips

Here at American Power and Gas, President Jim Bridgeforth and many others realize that we need to be  more prepared for storms. We have seen the horrors of many tornadoes, tropical storms, and hurricanes. Through all the tragedies, Jim Bridgeforth has been an outstanding leader. Jim has continued to influence the company employees to help others. Jim Bridgeforth has also made efforts to accommodate his employees during this time. American Power and Gas allowed early leaves, time off, and financial compensation for employees. Jim has asked that we share some data on how to become more equipped for the next round of slight havoc.

These tips were created based on a combination of research and personal experiences of employees here at American Power and Gas. These experiences stem from people that have been residents of Florida for 20+ years.

Prepping Tips

  • Trim trees in yard trimmed by March and again by the end of July.  (Address trees on city property by contacting the city about a month in advance and request they be trimmed for hurricane season).
  • If you have storage space keep boards, nails and hammers on hand at all times so you can quickly board everything in your house before a storm.   (you can also purchase hurricane windows and doors for your home).
  • Water is a necessity- If you can’t access water, you can fill gallon zip lock bags and freeze them.   (these bags give you access to cold water and keep your freezer cold if you lose power)
  • Sand Bags- Keep in storage, or they can be purchase the week prior to the storm.
  • Always keep important paperwork, such as birth certificate, social security numbers, will, deeds, bank account information etc. and have a waterproof safe to hold it in.   (consider keeping jewelry and other valuable in this as well).
  • Get homeowners insurance/ renters insurance.  (keep all receipts and take pictures of your belongings saving them on a google drive).

A Few More Tips

  • Purchase a generator if you are able.  (see tomorrows blog for generator tips).
  • Purchase portable battery chargers, these can be helpful if power goes out.
  • Cats and dogs and other animals. – Have the proper carrying devices and have animal shots up to date in the months of March to Oct. in case you evacuate to a shelter.
  • Plan for evacuation, set up bags that are able to be easily packed.
  • During the months of hurricane likeliness,  rent storage units for winter clothing and other important belongings. Otherwise, You box anything sentimental and place it in an area of the house structure that is high off of the ground.  (Anything that is on top furniture and high off the ground could still be swept away and possibly cause danger if flooding occurs).
  • Vitamins and Disinfectant wipes.  (during times of stress we are more susceptible to sickness, when evacuating and surrounding yourself with people, it is possible you could be exposed to germs and sickness).


Stay Tuned 

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Safe and Hopeful

Jim Bridgeforth and the American Power and Gas team are all safe. We have kept in touch with each other as much as possible through text message, phone calls and emails. Our hearts go out to all those that may have suffered. We trust that refuge is to come for everyone.

Please, share your tips with us! If we missed anything we would love to know what you have done, or would do in the future to prepare for a hurricane. You can also check in with us here, or on Facebook and let us know you are safe!



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