December 6, 2017

Strategic Interactions in the Petroleum Industry

This book analyses strategic interactions in the upstream activities of the petroleum industry, using game theoretic technique. The author provides insight into the peculiar nature of competitive behaviour of the oil majors and the revenue destruction effect that ensues from interdependencies between these firms for market share. These arguments are augmented by reference to an illustrative case study demonstrating prisoner s dilemma with reference to exploration efforts, and offers an

Environmental Management in the Petroleum Industry

As known natural resources are becoming exhausted, discoveries of new resources are required to fill the growing global need for energy. This is forcing the oil industry to constantly stretch existing reserves and develop new technology to get to the more “diffucult” oil and gas. In this way the oil industry is constantly operating on the edge of available technology and the risk of failures is increased. The main future

US biofuels markets calm after no RFS mandates storm

Well, that was anticlimactic. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s release of the 2018 biofuel blending mandates and 2019 biodiesel mandate came and went November 30 without much fanfare in the US biofuels markets. Biodiesel premiums for prompt product didn’t change. The S&P Global Platts Chicago Argo physical benchmark dropped 35 points on November 30, but has since rebounded by more than a half-cent. The biggest difference came in Renewable Identification

Space and Time Continuity: On My 13 Etudes Pour L'Orchestre

The subjects of space and texture in the structure of music and the issues of time and continuity, are recurrent themes in my music. Treize Etudes Pour L Orchestre is a thirteen-movement composition for full contemporary orchestra. This work concretizes my interest and studies in texture and its continuity throughout time as it progresses in a sonic exploration of textural possibilities through the orchestral medium. The piece represents the cathartic