February 14, 2018

Jacques Rivette

As a pioneer of the French New Wave, Jacques Rivette was one of a group of directors who permanently altered the world’s perception of cinema by taking the camera out of the studios and into the streets. His films, including Paris nous appartient, Out 1: Noli me tangere, Céline et Julie vont en bateau–Phantom Ladies Over Paris, La belle noiseuse, Secret défense, and Va savoir are extraordinary combinations of intellectual

The New Kings of Crude: China, India, and the Global Struggle for Oil in Sudan and South Sudan

In the past decade, the need for oil in Asia’s new industrial powers, China and India, has grown dramatically. The New Kings of Crude takes the reader from the dusty streets of an African capital to Asia’s glistening corporate towers to provide a first look at how the world’s rising economies established new international oil empires in Sudan, amid one of Africa’s longest-running and deadliest civil wars. For over a

Scalpen Macht Spass 4: Teil 4: Trading Ist Flow-Business

“Scalpen macht Spass Teil 4: Trading ist Flow-Business Borsengewinne werden meistens nicht gleichmassig uber 20 Handelstage pro Monat erzielt als handelte es sich um eine Art Burojob. Die Erfahrung zeigt, dass die Ergebnisse asymmetrisch auftreten. Es gibt Tage, an denen es wie am Schnurchen lauft und Tage, an denen das Trading nur Verluste zu produzieren scheint. In diesem vierten Teil der Reihe Scalpen macht Spass “” geht der Heikin Ashi

Zeal Optics Unisex Ace Bombay Brown w / Copper Polarized Lens Sunglasses

Ace is produced from 100% US-grown cotton. After harvesting the plant from farms all across America, we ship the cotton to Italy’s renowned Mazzuccchelli family. We rely on their deep knowledge and refined skills, honed over generations, to bring to life sunglasses like never before. Paired with our exclusive, plant-based e-llume lens, Ace is the greenest sunglass – EVER!M49. Produced from 100% USA-Grown Cotton, M49, which was first released with