March 13, 2018


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Born on the Bayou - LNG and Pipeline Reversals Turn Louisiana Gas Market Upside Down

There was a time many moons ago when vast quantities of natural gas from offshore Louisiana production flowed through scores of gas processing plants along the coast, then moved north and east in pipelines destined for the Northeast and Midwest. Those flow patterns have since been turned on their head, with offshore production steadily declining and the need for gas supplies for LNG exports along the coast ramping up, driving

Seismic deniability in ANWR debate: Fuel for Thought

Alaska wants to update decades-old seismic surveys of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to boost exploration. But in a twist, some officials feel that ignorance in this case may be better for the state’s coffers. Alaska officials hope to jump-start exploration in ANWR with $10 million in “seed money” toward the cost of a 3-D seismic program to gather new information on oil and gas prospects. ANWR is estimated to