Gold, Silver and Bitcoin March 2018 Highlights with Ben Ryan

Gold, Silver and Bitcoin March 2018 Highlights with Ben Ryan

Commodity Research Group (CRG) is an independent research consultancy specializing in base and precious metals, as well energy products. The Group provides research and general price analysis for these markets, along with advice to companies seeking to construct hedging strategies.

In this podcast, market experts Edward Meir of CRG and Ben Ryan of Vela Trading Systems discuss key precious metals and bitcoin.

About Vela

Vela is a global financial technology provider of high performance trading, market data, and analytics technology solutions.

Vela offers an end-to-end multi-asset Direct Market Access (DMA) platform connected to over 60 global exchanges; high-performance and low-latency market data and market access; industry leading pre-trade risk controls; post-trade processing; trading analytics; plus, a front-end for price discovery, execution, and risk management.

Topics and Time Stamps:

[00:30] Introduction – Ben Ryan of Vela

[02:00] Gold general outlook

[03:00] Gold’s Technicals

[04:00] Gold’s Fundamentals

[04:30] Gold and the recent action in the US stock market

[05:45] Is gold a “safe haven” anymore?

[07:20] Gold and the S&P-500 ratio

[08:30] The tariff picture and its impact on the markets

[13:00] Bitcoin and gold

[15:15] Gold 2018 price outlook

[17:55] Silver

About the Experts

Edward Meir

edward meirEdward Meir was named the most accurate price forecaster for base metals in 2011, 2014 and 2015 and finished second for 2013, as ranked by Metal Bulletin, a leading trade publication. Additionally, he obtained the #2 ranking for precious metals in 2014 and was third in 2013. Prior to providing research under the banner of Commodity Research Group (formerly Madison Holdings), Mr. Meir sourced nonferrous metals out of Europe, China, and Russia for a number of clients, utilizing the 9 years of trading experience he had acquired while working with UK-based trading company Trans-World Metals.

Currently, Mr. Meir s CRG has been retained by INTL FCStone as an independent research consultant for both base and precious metals. CRG provided similar services to MF Global for eight years prior to its demise in late 2011, covering the suite of energy products as well. Mr. Meir obtained his BA in Economics from Montreal s McGill University and his MBA from New York University. He is a long-standing registered principle with the National Futures Association and his firm is registered with the NFA as an independent introducing broker.

Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan has traded precious metals, options and futures for the past five years. He is currently with Vela Trading Systems, where he helps clients find solutions to their trading and technical problems.

Ben has also taught seminars in options trading and theory, and consults on metals markets.




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