April 11, 2018

April 2018 Oil Market Analysis – Commodity Research Group

Thanks for listening to the CRG Channel on the EKT Interactive Oil and Gas Podcast Network. Commodity Research Group (CRG) is an independent research consultancy specializing in base and precious metals, as well energy products. The Group provides research and general price analysis for these markets, along with advice to companies seeking to construct hedging strategies. In this podcast, oil market experts Andrew Lebow and Jim Colburn discuss key fundamental forces

K Engineering Oil Filter Fits 04-08 Gas Gas Pampera 450

Designed for today’s high-performance synthetic oils, unaffected by racing fuels Check valve prevents oil drainback and dry starts New pressure relief valve 17mm wrench nut for easy service (drilled for safety wire security) 50% thicker wall construction, stronger inner core, heavy base plate with double rolled seal TUV endorsed and TUV factory production monitored Price:

All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go, Part 2 - Shifting E&P Strategies and Their Impact on Permian Production

As Permian crude differentials continue to widen, trading at a $8.45/bbl discount to Magellan East Houston this week, a lot of people are pointing fingers at midstream companies for not completing new takeaway pipeline projects quickly enough. But even in the oil patch, it takes two to tango and producers can also share some of the blame. Historically, the focus in the Permian has been on larger producers, with their

Collaborative Colonialism: The Political Economy of Oil in the Persian Gulf

Since the discovery of oil, the countries of the Persian Gulf have been caught in a vicious circle. With increasing oil revenues, rulers have made self-enrichment their motivation while foreign powers have exploited the region and provided support for oppressive regimes. Early exploitation of the region’s oil was colonial in practice; today, oppressive rulers and foreigners work hand-in-hand to the detriment of the citizenry. Rulers have no incentives to foster

SP6-8 Pipeline to 3rd Refinery to Exploit

The pipeline project connecting phases 6, 7&8 to phases 4&5 is getting ready for exploitation. Project director of interphase pipeline construction between phases 6-7-8 and 4-5, Soliman Fahimi, announ… Gulfoilandgas.com Asia News