7th Heaven Strengthen Nail and Cuticle Finger Masks, 10 Finger Masks

7th Heaven Strengthen Nail and Cuticle Finger Masks, 10 Finger Masks
7th Heaven Strengthen: Nail and Cuticle Finger Masques, Vegan, Spa for Damaged Nails, Conditioning Argan and Protecting Pomegranate, Revitalizes Nails, 10 Finger Masks per Package
  • Vegan
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Spa for damaged nails
  • Revitalizes nails
  • Conditioning argan and protecting pomegranate 
  • 10 finger masks per package – 1 for each finger
  • Easy to use timer on our website
  • Our products are not tested on animals 
Contains Pomegranate:
Pomegranates originated in the area from Northern India to Iran, they are now loved across the globe and are widely grown in America, Spain, the Middle East and India. They have always been highly prized for their flavour for centuries, but in recent years they have been hailed by the health and beauty industries as a superfood, highly nutritious and packed with antioxidants. What’s more, they taste great.
Benefits of Pomegranate in Masks:
The powerful antioxidants and vitamins in pomegranates help defeat those nasty free radicals, helping to reduce the signs of aging. Pomegranate juice is also a fantastic moisturizer, penetrating deep into the skin to moisturize from the inside out. As well as making you look good, pomegranates also have multiple health benefits from boosting your immunity and aiding digestion to preventing heart disease and lowering blood pressure. This tasty fruit definitely deserves its super food status.
7th Heaven Green Initiative: 
Our company opened our first ‘Eco Factory’ in 1994, which was the first of our world friendly ‘headquarters’.  In 2001, our wind turbine ‘Windy’ went live, helping reduce our carbon footprint. In 2005, we moved into the Green Barn, which is our new ‘super energy efficient’ headquarters. Our ‘Green Guardians’ were launched in 2009 to embark on our 5-year site management plan for the Green Barn. 
7th Heaven ‘Cruelty Free’ Initiative: 
For over 25 years we have stood against animal testing and as a founding BUAV member, we are proud that all of our products are ‘Cruelty Free’ accredited. 
In 1989, we launched our campaign to ‘Save the Seal’ and in 1990 our Antarctica appeal began. 
As a company, we pride ourselves on the fact that our products do not add to the cruelty being done to animals internationally. 7th Heaven is doing our part to make the world a better place. 
Connect with 7th Heaven: 
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Price: $4.88 - $3.94

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