CRC Engine Treatment/Additive

CRC Engine Treatment/Additive
  • Liquefies built-up gum and varnish and releases carbon deposits from the fuel system, injectors, pistons, and combustion chamber.
  • Removes moisture from fuel and oil systems and lubricates engine components. Cures rough idle, hesitation, and pinging, restores power and pick-up, increases MPG (miles per gallon).
  • Can be used for engine storage. Works in gasoline, diesel, ethanol and oil. Use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawn equipment, dirt bikes, agricultural equipment, boats, RVs (recreational vehicles), ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), and all 2-cycle, 4-cycle and rotary engines.
  • No. 05316: Container Size: 16 fl oz, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Can

Price: $6.38 - $7.28

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