AutoMeter 4322 Ultra-Liter Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge

AutoMeter 4322 Ultra-Liter Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge

The life blood of your engine, a lack of oil pressure is one of the most catastrophic scenarios that can happen. Knowing the precise pressure is critical to both its longevity and performance, as well as your peace of mind. AutoMeter’s Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge utilizes the most advanced bourdon tube meter movement on the market to deliver accuracy and durability you won’t find anywhere else. A simple 1/8″ NPT connection makes installation easy. Fittings and nylon tube are included and optional braided stainless line kits are available.

General Information

  • Manufacturer: AutoMeter
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AutoMeter
  • UPC: 046074043222


  • Dial (Face Color): Silver
  • Bezel Style: Super Bezel
  • Lighting Color: White Incandescent
  • Pointer Color: Fluorescent Red
  • Lighting Type: Incandescent
  • Pressure: 0-200 PSI
  • Size (in.): 2-1/16
  • Bezel Color: Brushed Aluminum

Price: $93.11 - $69.95

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