Jeremy Pullen Wins Shell’s Goalie Award

Jeremy Pullen Wins Shell’s Goalie Award








Congratulations to Crosby Energy Services’ employee Jeremy Pullen who was awarded Goalie of the month by Shell for identifying a hazardous piece of equipment.

While grounding tanks on a Shell flow back rig up job, CES Supervisor Jeremy Pullen performed a walk-thru inspection of all equipment. Jeremy noticed the inspection dates on the bands of the flow lines were expired. Also, during his inspection of the equipment, he noticed brass valves installed on a separator. Brass valves are banned on all equipment utilized on all Shell locations due to their lower psi rating. Jeremy utilized his “Stop Work Authority” and contacted the right personnel to notify them of his findings and had all the expired equipment switched out. Jeremy also replaced all the brass valves with approved ones.

Jeremy Pullen was named the Goalie of The Month for June 2018.

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