Theatre Symposium, Vol. 26 : In Other Habits: Theatrical Costume

A substantive exploration of theatrical costume   Stage costumes reveal character. They tell audiences who the character is or how a character functions within the world of the play, among other things. Theatrical costuming, however, along with other forms of theatre design, has often been considered merely a craft, rather than part of the deeply systemic creation of meaning onstage. In what ways do our clothes shape and reveal our habits of behavior? How do stage costumes work to reveal one kind of habit via the manipulation of another? How might theatre practitioners learn to most effectively exploit this dynamic? Theatre Symposium, Volume 26 analyzes the ways in which meaning is conveyed through costuming for the stage and explores the underlying assumptions embedded in theatrical practice and costume production.THEATRE SYMPOSIUM, VOLUME 26 MICHELE MAJERPlus que Reine: The Napoleonic Revival in Belle Epoque Theatre and Fashion CAITLIN QUINN Creating a Realistic Rendering Pedagogy: The Fashion Illustration Problem ALY RENEE AMIDEI Where’d I Put My Character?: The Costume Character Body and Essential Costuming for the Ensemble Actor KYLA KAZUSCHYK Embracing the Chaos: Creating Costumes for Devised Work DAVID S. THOMPSON Dressing the Image: Costumes in Printed Theatrical Advertising LEAH LOWE Costuming the Audience: Gentility, Consumption, and the Lady’s Theatre Hat in Gilded Age America JORGE SANDOVAL The RuPaul Effect: The Exploration of the Costuming Rituals of Drag Culture in Social Media and the Theatrical Performativity of the Male Body in the Ambit of the Everyday GREGORY S. CARR A Brand New Day on Broadway: The Genius of Geoffrey Holder’s Artistry and His Intentional Evocation of the African Diaspora ANDREW GIBB On the [Historical] Sublime: J. R. Planché’s King John and the Romantic Ideal of the Past


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