Lucas Oil Motor Oil 70w

Formulated with the highest quality base oils Made with exclusive additives Lowers engine oil temperatures Longer engine oil life Extends engine component life Reduces engine noise, helps prevent leaks Meets JASO specifications Price:

Oil and Ideology : The Cultural Creation of the American Petroleum Industry

Traditional accounts of John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company, as well as recent best-selling books on the subject, still accept without question charges of unethical and anti-competitive behavior by the American oil industry. In this pathbreaking synthesis of cultural, business, gender, and intellectual history, Roger and Diana Davids Olien explore how this negative image of the petroleum industry was createdand how this image in turn helped shape policy

Driven Racing Oil XP5 20W50 Motor Oil 2.5 gal P/N 00914

A semi-synthetic based on our original formula race oil, XP5 provides excellent roller lifter and roller rocker arm protection. XP5 delivers improved high temperature shear and oxidation stability compared to mineral oil without the higher cost of a full synthetic. For use in high compression engines. Price:

FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter, PH3506

For Advanced Engine Protection And High Efficiency, Use A FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter: Engineered for use with synthetic or conventional motor oils. A special blend of fibers and resin creates a proprietary filter media that captures 95% of the dirt particles that can cause harmful engine wear. Start-up engine protection is delivered through a silicone anti-drainback valve with up to 3X the hot oil resistance. Sure Grip no-slip finish provides a nonslip surface for