Baker Hughes Announces May 2017 Rig Counts

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jun. 7, 2017– Baker Hughes Incorporated (NYSE:BHI) announced today that the international rig count for May 2017 was 957, up 1 from the 956 counted in… What’s New at Baker Hughes

ENBRIDGE: High-definition pipeline inspection tools can identify pinhole-sized features

And there isn’t much that escapes their attention. Enbridge focuses heavily on prevention to keep our crude oil pipeline network safe. In-line inspection (ILI) tools—or “smart pigs,” to use industry jargon—are highly complex pieces of machinery that use advanced imaging technology to inspect our pipes inch by inch. These tools are essential to our aggressive program of prevention, and they offer pinpoint accuracy for features that may require follow-up maintenance.

World Oil: Subsea-certified black oil foamer solves production issues in deepwater wells

reduction in bottomhole pressure, as they follow their natural decline curve. The decrease in lifting force leads to liquidloading in the tubing and flowline. This build-up in hydrostatic pressure reduces production rates faster than natural decline. TIM GARZA, Baker Hughes Incorporated A number of technologies are available to bring liquids to surface, thus reducing hydrostatic pressure and keeping production flowing at economical rates. Commonly used deliquification technologies include artificial lift

World Oil: Holistic optimization approach

To acquire a high-quality core in as few runs as possible, and reduce operational costs, a provider must maximize ROP while ensuring efficient, safe surface handling of the rock sample and coring assembly. To satisfy these requirements, HT30 Max, a full-gauge core barrel system with jam mitigation technology, has been introduced. MOHAMED FAROUK, GEORGE ARNOLD and RAUL VILLEGAS, Baker Hughes To improve initial production and ultimate recovery, we must first