Hiding in Plain Sight?

What do the European Organization of Nuclear Research (CERN), the PGA Tour, deep sea divers, partiers, and ravers have in common? Atomic No. 2 — aka Helium. CERN uses helium to cool the super magnets keeping all those subatomic particles moving in the right direction at the Large Hadron Collider. Golf aficionados have always appreciated the incredible resolution of cameras at 1,000 feet, peering down on the greens and fairways

Sell or Keep Your Oil & Gas Royalties?

You may have wondering when you should sell or keep your oil & gas royalties? This is not a simple question. We spend a good amount of time answering simple questions … Why did my payments go down? How do I transfer my interests to a trust? What’s the difference in a royalty versus an overriding royalty? Fairly straightforward with specific answers. However, when it comes to keeping or selling


WHAT ARE OIL & GAS MINERAL, ROYALTY & OVERRIDING ROYALTY INTERESTS? Oil and gas minerals, royalties and overriding royalties are similar in that they all receive revenues from the production of oil and gas from a well, and they do not pay for the drilling or monthly operating expenses of the well. Often you will see the term “royalties” used interchangeably to mean either mineral interests, royalty interests or overriding