Portable Car Manual Hand Siphon Pump Hose Gas Oil Liquid Syphon Transfer Pump Universal

Material: Made of PP + PE + EVA. Eco-friendly, flexible and durable. Size: Siphon Hard Tube + Suction Ball Length 56cm, Fuel Filler Soft Tube Length 54cm. Function: Transfers fuel from kerosene container to heater quickly & safely. Easy To Use: Easy-to-operate utilizing a large ball type siphon. Wide Application: Can be used to remove water from clogged sinks, waterbeds, broken wash machines, boat and pool covers. Price:

Applications to Marine Disaster Prevention : Spilled Oil and Gas Tracking Buoy System

This book focuses on the recent results of an ongoing JSPS-funded project on an autonomous spilled oil and gas tracking buoy system and its applications to marine disaster prevention systems from a scientific viewpoint. In addition, the Norwegian research institute SINTEF examines issues concerning dispersants and satellite utilization. This book spotlights research on marine disaster prevention systems related to incidents involving oil tankers and offshore platforms, approaching these problems from