GAS & OIL Farmhouse Style Wood Look Sign Gift 6x18 Metal Decor 206180028176

Made out of .032 inch thick aluminum (28% thicker than .025 inch aluminum or tin signs) with a high gloss finish. Won’t rust. Features a high gloss finish with faux rust and scratches on the edges. The image is baked into a high gloos powder coating. It’s also available in a thicker low luster finish. Search for item No.106180028176. Durable aluminum won’t rust, 6 inches x 18 inches w/ rounded

Battery-operated Liquid Transfer Pump | Liquid Transfer Siphon Pump Battery Powered Water Liquid Transfer Pump for Gas Oil Diesel Fish Tank Solvent

Move liquids safely and easily with this convenient handheld pump Pumps gas, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids Use in garage, aquariums, home and yard.Fuel transfer pump can move 10-11 quarts of gasoline per minute; You will get one Battery-operated Liquid Transfer Syphon Pump and one Tube Our pump is an affordable manual chemical transfer pump designed for quick and easy emptying of gas cans of various sizes. Transfer pump