US uranium buyers consider options as Trump mulls trade action

US-based uranium market participants are anxiously awaiting a decision from President Donald Trump on whether to take protectionist action on imports of the element that fuels nuclear reactors. Trump is weighing a decision on a January 2018 petition by US uranium producers Energy Fuels and Ur-Energy that asked him to require US nuclear plant operators to purchase 25% of their uranium annually from domestic producers, citing national security concerns of

Insight Conversation: Mark Gyetvay, Novatek

Mark Gyetvay, CFO and deputy chairman of the management board at Novatek, visited S&P Global Platts for an interview with senior writer for LNG, Lucie Roux. Novatek is a Russian independent gas producer known for its Yamal LNG terminal, launched in 2017, and now for its Arctic LNG projects. Last may at the Flame conference you said Novatek aims to increase production to 70 million metric tons/year by 2030. Where

EU repeal of US ethanol antidumping levy raises environmental questions

The EU’s repeal of antidumping duties on imports of US ethanol in mid-May could pave the way for increased shipments to Europe of the biofuel. European ethanol producers have raised concerns over the environmental impact of increased imports, but deeper questions over the sustainability of biofuels remain unanswered. The European ethanol association, ePURE, voiced concerns over the harmful impact of the decision on European ethanol producers, especially as other destinations

Increased trade tensions could squelch US crude flow to China

Escalation of trade tensions between the US and China is likely to further dampen US crude flows to China, at time when China was seen stepping back into the US market following a cooling-off period. Although crude oil imports are not included in the latest round of China’s tariff increases to US goods announced on May 13, the heightened tensions between the two countries has been enough to put the

Steel tariffs threaten US wind generation growth as input costs rise

Steel tariffs and the looming end of the tax credits in 2020 could slow the booming wind build out in the coming years. Solar and wind energy are expected to be the fastest growing sources of US electricity generation over the next two years, according to the US Energy Information Administration. EIA’s January 2019 Short-Term Energy Outlook forecasts wind generation to grow by 12% in 2019 and 14% in 2020,

Energy and commodities highlights: Oil diplomacy, global LNG flows, trade wars

https://play.vidyard.com/embed/v4.js In a week dominated by geopolitical headlines, oil diplomacy was also high on the agenda. Despite a schedule that included a high-profile summit in Hanoi, US President Donald Trump found time to tweet his view of crude prices to OPEC, ahead of a meeting between US and Saudi officials. OPEC’s next regular biannual meeting will take place June 25-26 in Vienna. Meanwhile the so-called NOPEC bill is starting its

Global energy transition, IP Week preview, IMO 2020: The week in energy and commodities

https://play.vidyard.com/embed/v4.js The global energy transition is well underway, but it was a week of mixed signals in the drive for decarbonization. In Europe, additions of wind power capacity in 2018 fell to their lowest level since 2011 and the outlook for investment is uncertain, sector association WindEurope said. Meanwhile, the EU struck an informal deal to enforce lower emissions from heavy goods vehicles. The rules would see new HGVs emit

Insight: Steel, aluminum and coal reveal a ‘Trump premium’

Almost two years since it began, what has been the impact of the administration of US President Donald Trump on commodity prices? Joe Innace takes a look If higher commodity prices reflect US presidential campaign promises kept, then President Donald Trump has already delivered on three fronts as he approaches two years in office. The president campaigned hard on promises to help directly the US coal and steel industries and

CHAT with TELL – No #chickens here

Mark Stubbe, SVP Strategy and Business Development, describes our commercial position on U.S. #LNG. #CHATwithTELL Business Description #Tellurian was founded by #CharifSouki and #MartinHouston and is led by #President and #CEO #MegGentle. Tellurian intends to create value for shareholders by building a #low-cost, global natural gas business, profitably delivering natural gas to customers worldwide. Tellurian is developing a portfolio of natural gas production, LNG trading, and infrastructure that includes an

Is Ukrainian corn a potential winner of China, US, EU trade spat?

The recent application of retaliatory tariffs of 25% on US corn by both the EU and China is likely to reduce exports from the US to these countries sharply. One potential beneficiary of this is Ukraine, a major corn exporter on the Black Sea. However, lack of clarity on the duration of the tariffs and whether they might suddenly rise or fall creates uncertainty over whether Black Sea exporters will